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Бизнес зал МВЛ

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Number of carriers: 5

Block: 90 sec.

Video: 10 sec.

Format: `65 ЖК панели

Location: Бизнес зал МВЛ

Coverage: Бизнес аудитория, вылетающая международными рейсами

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Network 1

Number of carriers: 122

Format: 65" LCD panels, 122 surfaces

Location: common area, check-in area, security control area, departure lounges

Coverage: all zones and the full audience of the airport

Advantages: maximum coverage, the 25th frame effect

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Number of carriers: 25

Format: 65″ LCD panels

Location: security control area, passport control area

Coverage: 100% of departing audience

Advantages: coverage of control areas

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Network 3

Number of carriers: 20

Format: 3x1m LED constructions, 20 surfaces

Location: departure galleries (halls in front of gates)

Coverage: 100% of departing audience

Advantages: location close to shops, cafes, restaurants and gates

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Network 4

Number of carriers: 26

Format: 3x1m LED constructions, 26 surfaces

Location: baggage reclaim halls (on baggage belts)

Coverage: 100% of the arriving audience

Advantages: placement on all baggage conveyor belts. Long contact time, single source of information

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Network 5

Number of carriers: 36

Format: 65″ LCD panels, 3 surfaces

Location: arrivals passport control area

Coverage: nternational arriving audience

Advantages: a cost-effective way of interacting with arriving audience

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